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School Ethos, Vision & Values


At Bunbury Primary School we value the uniqueness of our children and acknowledge that they all have a range of qualities which enhance the school learning environment and contribute to the school culture. We try and weave this belief through all that we do.



To educate students to become independent life long learners who respect themselves and others, develop a sense of equity, participate in their communities and understand the need to maintain sustainable environmental systems.

As a school, to bring this vision alive, we have set ourselves the following goals:


  • Enable students to attain their highest academic achievement possible;
  • Practise environmental awareness;
  • Develop social skills and a positive and caring attitude towards others;
  • Establish a high level of communication skills;
  • Seek to develop a positive self concept with each child;
  • To develop children as independent learners; and,
  • Establish an understanding of technology in a changing world.
  • Involve the community in our school.



At Bunbury Primary School the following social skills/values underpin the learning programmes: Respect, Honesty, Perseverance, Tolerance, Compassion, Self Discipline, Responsibility, and, Giving and Sharing.

We encourage children to talk about these values and what they look like in action through a Value of the Month and its associated Focus of the Fortnight.

Staff acknowledge children’s efforts in displaying the Values both in the classroom and in the playground.

We encourage all members of our school community to become an active part of a school environment that is fair, unique, creative and co-operative.