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Teaching and Learning

We acknowledge that students learn in many different ways and we have, as a consequence, developed strategies to identify multiple intelligences and learning styles. We value diversity and inclusive education for all students and believe that all students have the right to a quality education.

At all times the school aims to create an inclusive learning environment that is safe and supportive, reflects trust and mutual respect. The school encourages a learning environment that is responsive to, and reflective of, student needs.

The Curriculum Framework (CF) influences teachers' processes and the development of their teaching and learning programmes. This systemic improvement programme (CF) articulates the need to shift the focus of schools from what the teacher teaches, to what the learner learns.

The School's Curriculum Improvement Plans are reviewed annually and form an integral component of the overall School Plan. The purpose of the School Plan is to implement a mode of curriculum delivery and the development of a school environment that improves the Learning Outcomes of all students.

After analysis of school data, all staff, as well as the School Council, play a crucial role in the development of the School Operational Plans.

Specialist Music Programme

Bunbury PS has a proud tradition of excellence in music. The school receives many requests for junior and senior choirs to perform at local functions eg Mayor's Garden Party, Senior Citizens Functions. The music programme also provides the opportunity for students to learn the recorder. In addition to music being part of our regular school assemblies, specific music assemblies are held featuring solo and group items. In 2004 the junior choir was invited to record a song for the Silver Chain's 100 years commemorative CD.

Evidence of our strong achievements in music can be seen in the number of students who continue with music and become part of the District Youth Chorale and High School Bands.

Musically talented children in Year 6 and 7 have the opportunity to study clarinet, flute, trumpet and trombone through the visiting Music Specialist Programme. Children in years 6 and 7 also have the opportunity to participate in an advanced recorder group with the school music specialist.

Visual Arts Programme

The standard of art work produced by students at Bunbury PS is worthy of note. Our specialist Art teacher provides lessons to all students from Year 1-7.

Throughout their primary school education students are exposed to a range of art styles and mediums including textiles, fabric painting, clay and paper craft using a variety of dyes and watercolours. Many students often carry this early learning into district extension programmes.

Student work is exhibited in the administration area, library and in other parts of the school throughout the year.

Bunbury PS regularly receives accolades from visitors to the school acknowledging the excellence of artwork produced at all year levels.

Languages Programme

Italian is the language other than english studied at Bunbury PS and children from Years 3 - 7 participate in the programme. 

Specialist Physical Education Programme

The school employs a specialist physical education teacher to work with all children in years 1 to 7. This teacher takes the children for at least one lesson per fortnight and develops complementary plans that the classroom teachers use for lessons on alternate fortnights. This results in the primary children being involved in 40 minutes of specialist guided physical education each week as part of at least 120 minutes of physical exercise/activity every week.