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Education for Sustainability

Our school promotes a range of activities geared toward developing student awareness of sustainable practices that all members of the community can become involved with.

Social Sustainability

World Vision Child Sponsorship provides the school with an opportunity to help someone in less fortunate circumstances. Our school leaders co-ordinate the raising of funds, each year, to sponsor a child in Africa. Information about and from our sponsored child is shared across all classrooms.

The Kitchen Garden is an enterprise and sustainability project. Students from the school grow vegetables and cook and eat the produce. Getting into the garden and getting their hands (and other things) dirty by growing and cultivating plants to produce a food product develops a high level of fulfilment and pride in the children.

Aluminium Ring Pulls are collected by a junior class as part of a nation-wide service programme that uses them for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs. They also play a part in the classes' maths programme.

Knitted Blanket Squares are made and collected by another junior class to provide blankets for the homeless. The children not only collect the squares knitted by members of the school community but actively knit squares themselves in their spare time.

Emotional Sustainability

Our Pastoral Care programme targets Values Development and Social Interaction across age groups through a Values and Virtues component and a Buddy Class structure. Buddy Class involves children from a junior class working with children from either a middle or senior class in a range of activities throughout the year. Teachers work with children to develop an understanding of our value of the month and focus of the fortnight – teachers and children discuss what these things mean and what they might look like.

Environmental Sustainability

Waste Recycling is carried out with the support of Worsley Alumina. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminium cans are recycled from across the school. This process involves all staff and children and is managed by a middle primary class. Collection and transporting of the materials is done on a weekly basis with the funds raised from the recycled materials being donated to Princess Margaret Childrens' Hospital.

Fishing for the Future is an annual programme involving middle and senior primary classes in learning about, and participating in, sustainable fishing practices. The programme is supported by the Department of Fisheries.

Big Swamp, a local wildlife reserve, provides children with the opportunity to study bird life, water quality and levels along with community use of its facilities. This information is recorded over time and passed on to the City of Bunbury, who has overall management responsibility for the site and who provided the funding for the project.

The Worsley Energy Challenge involves the school in a project that is trying to reduce its reliance on the local power grid by 20% by 2010. This project has seen Worsley Aluminium Pty Ltd donate to the school a 3kW photovoltaic cell power generation system. Each class is involved in learning about energy generation and consumption and ways that usage of, and reliance upon, fossil fuel power generation can be reduced.

Waterwise is a government and industry funded programme intended to reduce water consumption in the community. Each class participates in learning activities aimed at increasing awareness of the need to conserve this resource and simple ways in which it can be achieved.