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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Each primary classroom in the school has a bank of five computers. The banks of computers enable all classrooms to have access to email, Internet, library and curriculum servers. The pre-primary have two on line computers. Each classroom is able to share and access information, publish on the school intranet and have access to the library (using E-Library). Laser printers are available in different locations around the school with a coloured laser printer available for special projects.

Internet Policy

Our Internet policy has a detailed Code of Conduct for Internet use and clear consequences for any student who breaches the code.

Parents are requested to sign a note giving their child/ren permission to use the Internet at school. The Department of Education and Training provides a broadband internet service to schools that is managed centrally from Perth.

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Media Policy

Parents are asked to sign a media release form that indicates if, where and how the school can use any image of their child. As it should, this gives the parent control over where images of their child will be seen. Our school does not directly post images on the internet – we only access the mass media through local and state newspapers and radio and through the DoE’s newspaper (School Matters).